Periscope Design approached Courtney Hopkinson at Watermark Creative to create a large format 3D style Cheetos Chester character image.

The image had to fit with existing character assets but skew towards an older target market.

The character was modelled in Cinema 4D before being taken into ZBrush for detailing, UVing and colour map creation. It was rigged with Mixamo and the new C4D Character Mixamo controller. The rig was very robust and quick to setup and gave a lot of control with posing. Last tweaks to the pose were made using correction morphs in C4D.

The fur started as ZBrush fibermesh on the t-posed character, styled with Pablander hair brushes, before being converted to hair guides in C4D. 

The lighting, texturing and rendering was developed using Octane Render in C4D.

The final image was very large scale so it was rendered in tiles and comped together in Photoshop.
Agency  Periscope Design  Art Director Gilbert Chung