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Watermark is an established artistic collective, who are known for producing carefully crafted imagery for the advertising, design and technology sectors. As the first piece of promotion after rebranding, it was important to tell a new story whilst showcasing the team’s talent via a client gift that is covetable and usable in equal measure.

Re-establishing the humble visual journal as the bedrock of conceptual thinking – the mental vault of designers, its pages strewn with ideas and unbridled imagination. The journal celebrates the creative disposition, exploring the tension between curiosity and rebellion – the balance between learning, and challenging the status quo.
The concept has been carefully woven throughout the design, from the intrigue generated by the simple black box, through to the reveal of the journal. The unboxing is in itself a nostalgic experience that references the lifting of an old school desk to see the rebellious mark making under the wooden lid - scratching beneath the surface.
Crafted artwork

As a collective, each artist brings a unique perspective and creative approach to the group. The journal is interspersed with small moments of delight, intrigue, story or surprise – interpreting the concept of curiosity and/or rebellion.

The artists crafted artwork that would bring revelation through intelligent visual metaphors. Our inboxes, feeds and walls are all inundated with attractive, shallow imagery that are disposable and fleeting, so the artwork created for the journal had to be memorable and thought provoking.


The team endeavoured to push the conventional boundaries of both print and digital technologies. This required close collaboration with the printer to explore new ways of composing and augmenting the artists’ ideas to create a sensory experience for the viewer with every image.

Techniques ranged from digital raised ink and delicate spot glosses, through to complex paper engineering and a companion app - turning the journal into a treasure trove of interactive and provocative moments that aim to encourage the user forward as they continue on their creative journey.

​​​​​​​Curiosity & Rebellion Journal
Watermark Creative

Creative + Design
Bettina Way

Art Direction
Phillip Small
David Way
Dean Proudfoot

Forbidden Fruit → Phillip Small
Curiosity kills the cat → Dean Proudfoot
Stick to the story (Driblets) → Shannon Jahnel Lanktree
Windows → Pawel Zawislak
Phone Syndrome → Joseph Qiu
Dark River → Blair Sayer
Termite Renaissance → Daron Parton
Petals → Gee Hale
Forbidden Love → Dede Putra & David Way
Crude Awakening → David Follett
Anomaly → Samuel Sakaria & Jo Tronc
Disruptor → Courtney Hopkinson
Untitled (Nipple Plasters) → Dean Proudfoot



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