Watermark's dynamic duo Salt and Paprika (Simon Shaw and Courtney Hopkinson) were commissioned by Creature to design a family of charming characters for LeasePlan's new 'Small Fleets' campaign. Each character represented LeasePlan's variety of customers, from traditional tradies to entrepreneurial modern New Zealand business owners. A specific vehicle was also designed for each character, as an extension of their individual personalities and brand. 

The campaign was a success, and the team re-united to produce a two minute animation to play at LeasePlan's Fleet Forum event launch.

And that's not all! To top it off, the project  was a winner at the New Zealand Best Design Awards, taking home a shiny Gold for the Design Craft category. Whoop whoop!


Agency: Creature

Creative Director: Janelle Rodrigues

Design Director: Marianne Webb

Animation Director: David Way

Illustration & Character Design: Simon Shaw

3D Modelling: Courtney Hopkinson

3D Texturing, Lighting & Rendering: Courtney Hopkinson

3D Rigging: Courtney Hopkinson, Taras Chernenko

3D Animation: Shannon Jahnel Lanktree

2D Animation: David Way