Client: Studylink
Studio: Ocean Design
Designer: Claire Matheson
3D artwork: Courtney Hopkinson

Ocean Design approached Watermark Creative to create images for Studylink's 2018 campaign which was based around retro neon text signage.

Ocean Design supplied Adobe Illustrator files which were imported into Cinema 4D to use as 3D splines. These splines were tweaked duplicated, manipulated and extruded to create the many various neon elements.

The neon effect was developed using Octane Render with C4D. Each neon tube has an inner filament object with an emmissive material surrounded by a 3D glass tube with a specular material with roughness. These emmissive light objects plus some camera bloom and glare created the glowing neon effect.

Once rendered the images were processed in Photoshop. For the online assets, each element had to be delivered in ON and OFF states and separate from the background for later animation.
CG artist  Courtney Hopkinson
Agency  Ocean Design  
Designer Claire Matheson  
Project Manager  Jackie Thomas