Some old tank footage from the Great Rodent War of the early 20th century. 
Original concept by Ido Yehimovitz 
Instagram: @handoinguy 
Tank modelled in Cinema 4D, textured in Substance Painter
Tank modelled in Cinema 4D, textured using Substance Painter, rendered with Octane Render
Tank and character turntables
The motion capture performance was captured with a Rokoko Smartsuit v1. In C4D I added a motion clip to the best take and then edited it, reducing pauses and retiming the movement. 
This was then applied to the main character using a C4D character solver tag. The character only has upper body and arm joints which were set up to mimic a Mixamo rig.
Once I was happy with how the character was moving I baked the animation into the character joints.
Then I could add further layers of motion tweaks in the Timeline manager, lifting the head, and adding IK and finger controls to the hands.
The cannon blast and exhaust fumes were made with C4D's pyro system. Each was developed separately to keep the feedback fast. 
The system outputs a VDB cache which can be read back in to an Octane VDB object for the final render.
Once it was rendered from C4D using Octane, I colour graded and fixed a few things in post using After Effects